Friday, August 5, 2011

Kompetensi Kepemimpinan (Leadership Competencies)

Berikut beberapa ciri Kompetensi Kepemimpinan/Leadership, muda2an bermanfaat

Vision - The capacity to create and project beneficial and stimulating images that can inspire direction.
Focus - The ability to set a direction, maintain that direction, and make corrections when necessary. Goal oriented
Strategic Thinking - The ability to do "what if" thinking in imagining and creating paths to future goals.
Concept - The need to explain the events in one's life parsimoniously, to have the best explanation for the most events.

Ego Drive - The striving to define oneself as a significant person.
Competition - The desire to win.
Achiever - The internal drive to be up and doing, to be working, to be getting things done, energetic.
Activator - The drive to make things happen, to be proactive.
Developer - The drive to help others grow and the capacity for taking satisfaction from each increment of growth of the people with whom they work.
Team - The capacity to get people to help each other use their strengths to achieve their goals.
Stimulator - The drive to create good feelings in other people.
Multi-Relator - The tendency for extending relationships to a wide circle to a wide circle of acquaintances.
Responsibility/Ethics - The capacity to take psychological ownership for one's own behavior.
Arranger - The ability to coordinate people and their activities so that work gets done efficiently.
Performance Orientation - The attitude of being results oriented. The need to measure achievement.
Discipline - The need to structure time and environment.

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